Office Friendly Sneakers

office friendly sneakers

When it comes to deciding what to wear for work, I have it pretty easy. I work in a casual work environment where even the CEO and president wear “dad jeans” and souvenir t-shirts everyday. However, some of my co-workers choose to dress in traditional office clothing such as slacks, button-up shirts, and the occasional well-structured skirt and heels combo.

Although I do embrace the casual office vibes, which has included me coming in to work wearing leggings, a graphic tee du jour, and some metallic Birkenstocks (judge me. IDGAF.), sneakers are the one thing that I try not to go super casual on. The “perfect” office friendly sneakers might seem like a unicorn to some, but they do exist.

A office friendly sneaker usually has a very clean design and in a neutral color scheme. So, please leave those bright neon and pink sneakers for the gym and or outside activities. Instead, reach for a clean and sleek sneaker.

office friendly sneakers

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