On-the-Go Makeup I Grab When Running Late

Yesterday, I mentioned that I overslept and had to rush to work without applying any makeup. I still can’t get over how I overslept, because it’s so not me. However, I omitted that I threw a few pieces of makeup into my bag to do my makeup at work. I’m so glad that I did, because those few pieces helped hide the that “rolled out of bed and straight to work” look. So, here are the list of my on-the-go makeup products that I throw in my purse when running late.

on-the-go makeup when running late

If you you’re interested in seeing what products I use when I’m running late and why, keep reading.

Even if I wake up late, I make sure I brush my teeth and wash my face every morning. During that process, I also add my face serum and moisturizer, which is part of my normal morning routine. When deciding which products to bring, the first thing I focus on are eye products. Your eyes and eye area can tell so much about your current state. Since my current state was the state of exhaustion, I made sure to grab my It! Cosmetics CC+ Under Eye cream. This under eye cream conceals and helps brighten the under eye area, which is just what I needed. Luckily, a small dab under each eye added the look of few extra hours of sleep.

A bright under eye without no definition to the eye can make you look washed out. So, I grabbed my trusty L’Oreal liquid liner and Lancome Definicils mascara to make my eyes look wide and alert. For my brows, I grabbed my Benefit Proof Brow Pencil to groom and fill in my brows and Maybelline clear mascara to set them. These 2 together help my natural brows look less bushy and more full.

For my face, I grabbed Maybelline’s Fit Me Face pressed powder to help conceal my skin look matte and poreless. This one of my favorite pressed powders I bought on a whim. This pressed powder provides more coverage than a setting or loose powder. However, this powder is very lightweight and stays on for most of the day.

Finally, I needed to add some color to my face, but didn’t have enough room to bring a blush and blush brush. Thankfully, I always keep a small tube of Josie Maran’s Lip and Cheek oil in the shade of Timeless Coral. Products that you can use on your lips and or cheeks are lifesavers, trust me.

There you have, on-the-go makeup products that helped me look bright-eyed and bushy tailed when I wasn’t. If you have any products that helps give you the illusion that you didn’t rush to get to work, please share them below.

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