Pacing Myself To Finish Strong

For the past few months, I’ve been all over the place and not where I planned to be or pacing myself. In August, I usually use this time to plan the final quarter of my year. Instead, I spent most of August sick with bronchitis and no motivation. September is usually a little busy, because of my birthday and an annual family get-together. However, this September, I had hectic and time lapping plans each weekend. A hectic weekends followed by hectic work weeks caused me to have a couple of mid-week crashes.

pacing myself to finish strong

As for October, even though it’s only half-way over, the theme for this month has been ‘stress’. Between helping a couple of people close to me deal with their personal issues and my car deciding that it was time for me dish out a few hundred dollars to keep it running, my brain (and wallet) is drained. So, I decided that I needed to do what only I can do for me; get myself together. I was listening to Myliek Teele’s latest podcast about finishing the year off strong and made me think about ways to end my year off strong.

Keep reading to see the 5 things I plan to do to end 2017 on a personal strong note.

Pacing Myself: 5 Things I’m Doing To End My Year Strong

  1. Simplify my living spaces – I’ve already started on my clearing out my bedroom. I still need to decide I’ve I’m going to keep my desk or not. I only use it put my makeup on in the morning and the rest of the time, it’s collecting random pieces of my life. Okay, mail and magazine, but I’m planning to have only my bed and small table in my bedroom. I want bedroom to a peaceful oasis with a lack of distractions.
  2. Embrace spontaneity – I’m a creature of comfort that’s trying to get uncomfortable. I appreciate when plans are made, but it has caused me to not like things that are planned at the last minute. As soon as someone hits me up about going somewhere at that moment, the introvert in me instantly shuts it down. I need to stop that.
  3. Make more plans with people – Yes, I love when plans are made, but I rarely plan anything. If a dinner with friends is planned, it’s safe to assume that I didn’t plan them. I have a friend whom I admire, because she is always the ringleader of sister/girlfriends dinners. It’s one of the many things I admire about her and others like her. Now, am I going to be sending out a group text message with plans to test out a new restaurant that opened up? No, well not anytime soon, but maybe sooner than later.
  4. Sticking to my plans – You know what I love more than made plans? Being able to finesse out of plans. I know, it’s horrible, but it’s another characteristic of my introvert self. I will say, that I’ve been working on this all summer. However, the times when I actually was planning to go somewhere where I would usually flake, real thing prevented me from going. Still, I’m working on this.
  5. Save more money – When will I not be trying to save money? However, I kind of have to now, because I need to get some sensors replace on my car that’s the amount of 50% of my monthly income. I plan to take care of this before the end of the year and not to mention, Christmas is coming up and I’ve been challenging myself to have a certain amount in my saving before the end of the year. I’ve already cut back dramatically on eating out by cooking my own meals and taking lunch. I even dusted off my coffee maker to make my own coffee 2-3x a week. Coffee runs on the way to work add up fast, but their so fulfilling.

That’s how I’m pacing myself to finish the year. Share your plans below!

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