My Perfect Nude Nail

Everyone is always looking for the perfect nude lip, including me. However, I have found the perfect nude nail polish for me and it’s Essie’s Sweetie Pie. Keep reading for more pics and reason why you need to find the perfect nude nail polish.

I have a strong distaste for chipped polish, but its one of those things that eventually happens. I mean, even Seche Vite gives up after a few days. So, the best way to combat the look of chipped polish is to find  shade that closely resembles the color of your skin and for me that’s Sweetie Pie.

Another wonderful use I have for nude polish is to camouflage the unevenness of my nails. I’m not the biggest fan of trimming my nails to match in length, especially if one nail is short enough to past for a cuticle. So, this is a great cover-up to that.

So, you lovely ladies should stay on the hunt for a nice nude nail polish.

Still, the search for the perfect nude lip combination continues for me.

Stay Stylish

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