Pie Recipes for Pi Day


Today is March 14, which might not mean anything to most people. However, the inner geek in some of us know that March 14th is also National Pi Day, because in the intricate world of mathematics, Pi (π) is know to equal 3.14…March 14….get it?! Sheesh, I hope you do.

Anyway, every year, to commemorate the pointless piece of awesomeness, some people (me included) partake in making and/or eating some form of pie….with an e. Although the only thing they share is the fact that they sound exactly alike, on March 14 they are like Peanut Butter and Jelly, respectable on their own, but fun when they are together.

So, for this lovely day, I have decided to share some of my favorite pie recipes.

When it comes to desserts, I’m usually a cold girl (i.e. Ice Cream, pudding, custards…heavy dairy, apparently). However, when it comes to warm desserts I would pick pie over cake almost every time with the exception of birthdays, because…well, you know…birthday cake is delicious on birthdays.

Back to pies. They are so warm and comforting and everything else that Stifler said to Jim in American Pie,which was not about pie. Sidenote: It was hard for me to eat pie after watching that movie.

Okay. Pie is awesome and there are so many ways and recipes for pie and here are some of my favorite for today, National Pi(e) day. So, here are some delicious pie recipes for pi day.


Can you start a list of pies without apple pie? Well, you can, but not me. This is the easiest, delicious recipe for a classic apple pie.


On to another classic pie; pecan pie. Most of the people I know aren’t a fan of pecan pie, but not me. If you are like me, here is the classic pecan pie recipe I break out every Thanksgiving.


Like I said, I love cold and creamy desserts. Plus, I love citrus flavors. So, a nice key lime pie always hits the spot, especially on a warm day.


Pies aren’t just for dessert. Chicken pot pies are one of the ultimate comfort foods. I love this one with the delicious flaky crust.

No Bake Vanilla Cheesecake.ashx

My favorite dessert, hands down is cheesecake. I could (might have.) eat a whole in a day. Although it’s not called a pie, let’s be real, it’s a pie. This cheesecake looks so mouth-watering. Yum! Plus, this a no-bake vanilla cheesecake recipe. Winning!

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