Pink Sneakers Are A Vibe

Don’t let the title of this post and the color of the header fool. I’m not the biggest fan of the color pink, except for polishes and makeup. However, every now and then, I fancy a little pink in my life. Currently, I’ve been all about pink sneakers and thankfully there are plenty of them out there. I’m not sure if it’s the anxiety of summer approaching or just the fact that pink sneakers are killing the game right now. Whatever it is, I’m in!

pink sneakers summer 2017

If you’re kind of feeling pink sneakers or just into sneakers, then this post is for you.


converse pink sneakers

Let us dive in with classic shoes that are available in shades of pink. First one up, Converse Chuck Taylor, which is iconic and classic as you can get. Fortunately, Converse offer the Chuck Taylor in various shades of pink. If you prefer red chucks, then you might fancy the dark pink ones. However, if you are like me and can never own too many white Chucks, the light pink option is the winner. Honestly, since Chuck Taylors are very affordable, you can get them all. Treat yo’ self!

reebok x spirit classic pink

It is Thursday, so how about these Reebok Classics for a throwback? For the past few months, I’ve noticed Reebok slowly revamping their brand, but also their classic shoes. The Reebok x Spirit Classic collab features these perfectly pink leather versions that aren’t too flashy, but kinda chic.

Another classic sneaker you can’t wrong with are adidas’ Superstar. Actually, the first pair of adidas I ever owned were a pair of superstars that had holographic pink stripes. They were amazing! However, I haven’t owned a pair of Superstars since those pair, but I did just order a pair in the traditional white with black stripes. Iconic. The white Superstars with the pink stripes is a subtle way to embrace pink sneakers, especially if pink isn’t your “thing”.

pink sneaker Vans SK8-Hi

Yet, if an all pink classic sneaker is your “thing”, let me guide you Vans’ huge offerings of pink sneaks. For example, these SK8-Hi in a mauve pink with glittery sole. Not only do Vans have a wide range of their iconic shoes in various shades and prints of pinks, but they also let you customize them, too. I mean, there’s no need to wait around for them to offer an all-over hot pink Sk8-Hi when you can custom order a pair. Technology is great.


*cracks knuckles*

Okay, now, let’s dig into all of the pink sneakers in newer styles that are currently out. There are so many, but I’m only going to include the ones that I’m feeling. First up, the adidas Ultra Boost X, which are currently near the top of my “sneakers I need to own” list. If you have ever worn a pair of Boosts, then you already how you they form to your feet and ridiculously comfortable. So, all that comfort in a peachy pink sneakers is a win.

pink sneaker nike huarache fuschia

Huarache are some of the most comfortable sneakers I’ve stalked and worn. I wore my white pair into a perfect shade of tan, which reminds me that I need to replace them. Huarache are available in a soft shade of pink. However, this fuchsia pair of Huarache are so hot, I’m strongly considering buying these instead of another white pair! Dare I?

nike air max LD Zero pink sneakers

Like I’ve mentioned before, Nike Air Max is my favorite Nike style ever. Many years ago, when I stilled at home with only a cell phone bill, I used to collect Nike Air Max in all of the styles. The Air Max 1/ 87 is my favorite, FYI. So, needless to say, I have fondness in my heart for Air Max, including these dreamy pink Nike Air Max LD Zero sneakers.


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