Powder Face Masks

For the past few days, I’ve been sick with one of those stuffy head, itchy throat, and sip hot tea all day types of colds. It was horrible. Not to mention that it was during my scheduled vacation days from work. Despite some occasional coughing, I’m back to about 90%. So, to help feel better, last night I decided to reward my skin and give it a facial. After browsing the vast collection of face masks, I decided to use the Aztec Secret Indian Clay. I’ve only used this mask once, but can’t remember why. Probably, because powder face masks aren’t as quick as the sheet masks that I’ve been boo-ed up with for the past year or so.

powder face masks

Powder versions of skincare products are still fairly new, including powder face cleansers. However, powder face mask are started to gain traction. No matter your skin type or issues, there is a powder face mask out there for you.

For most of the powder masks, you mix a little bit of powder with a little bit of water to make a paste like mixture and apply it to your face. Like I said, that is the case for most powder mask. However, follow the instruction. Also, if you want to play around with the mask, you can use other liquids other than water. Use Apple Cider Vinegar if you have oily skin or a little skin oil if your have dry skin. Doesn’t hurt to get creative if you want.

So, if you’re thinking about adding a powder face mask to your regimen or looking for a new one to try, here are some good ones you can try.

Powder Face Masks Worth Trying:

powder face masks

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