Preparing For Friendsgiving

This year, my sister and I decided to pull our “adult” card and decline to partake in the act of going to family’s houses for Thanksgiving. The amount of stress that was alleviate off my chest was instant. Okay, it’s not like we decided to boss up or anything. We mainly decline, because she has to go to work that evening and needs to get some sleep during the day. Whereas, for me, I just don’t want to be bothered. However, we did decide to throw a somewhat impromptu friendsgiving this year. So, I’ve been preparing for friendsgiving all weekend.


I’m so new to throwing any type of event, let alone a friendsgiving. However, it’s been pretty interesting, to say the least. How does one prepare for a friendsgiving. Well, keep reading to see how this one is preparing for it.

Preparing For Friendsgiving: Guest List Goals

The first step to hosting a friendsgiving is coming up with your guest list. First, you need to decide how many people to invite, which is depends on a few factors. How much moving and sitting space do you have? Listen. If you only have enough room for 10-20 people to sit, mingle, and eat comfortably; keep the list to under 20. Personally, I like 10-12 people, because it feels a little more intimate. Plus, it’s the right amount of people to have in one conversation or broken into 1-2 conversations.

Preparing For Friendsgiving: Create An Ambience

When trying to create the “vibe”, you should consider the guests. Are the majority of your friends into turning up at any given? If so, make sure you have your “turn up” Tidal playlist playing in the background. If you have a mix of people and personalities; a Christmas playlist is a simple solution. light a couple of holiday candles and get to mingling. In terms of decor, have some fresh flowers, garland, and light some fragrant holiday candles.

Preparing For Friendsgiving: Appetizers Are Crucial

One of the worst feelings in the world is going to a dinner, prepared to eat, but the food isn’t ready. So, make sure you have a few snacks an appetizers for your guest to nibble on while waiting for the meal. A nice cheese plate, a bowl of popcorn, and some crudités are instant crowd pleasers.

Preparing For Friendsgiving: Not too much “Thanksgiving” food

Keep in mind that some of the people you invite to Friendsgiving might also be attending a family Thanksgiving dinner later in the week or day. So, have a few non-traditional Thanksgiving food options, such as a pasta dish, a stew, or get crazy with a taco bar. You know what your gang likes!

Preparing For Friendsgiving: Libations and Spirits on Deck

There’s always a reason to keep a stocked bar in your home, especially during the holidays. Thankfully, for Thanksgiving, more than a few bottles of wine will do. Also, ask you guest to bring a bottle of wine or their favorite drink to ensure you have enough.

Preparing For Friendsgiving: Be Thankful and Give Thanks

Personally, I try to live a grateful life and be thankful for everyday. However, on Thanksgiving, I use the day to show others how thankful I am that they are in my life and they have allowed  me in theirs. So, express your appreciation to all of your guests and let them know that you feel that way everyday. Love life, folks!



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