Project 62 from Target is Home Goals

This past weekend, I found myself at the last place my wallet wants to go; Target. If you’ve been in a Target recently, you might notice all the new changes they are making, including new lines. Last month, they released some new fashion lines and yesterday they finally released their new home line Project 62. This weekend, I was able to see some of the pieces firsthand, because they were on display. I didn’t see everything, but what I did see was amazing.

Project 62 from Target

Of course, I left the area ASAP with visions of what I want from the line to add to my home and living spaces. Keep reading to see my selections from the new Project 62 line.

I used to be obsessed with my bar cart, but I haven’t prettied it up in a while. These rose gold bar accessories are stirring up my desire to redo it. The 4 piece barware set is less than $30. The whiskey decanter and cocktail shaker pictured are less than $13 each.

Project 62 crush on blush

When Target started giving sneak peaks of Project 62, I this blush set up stole my heart. That perfectly chic, minimalist mirror was love at first sight. It was too perfect and I knew it was going to cost almost a $100. Imagine my shock to find out it was only $50 and trust I went ahead and bought one. I’m in the process of trying to come up with a color to paint my walls. So this is currently waiting to get hung. Also, loved the decor on the console, especially that marble looking sculpture. Come to find out, it’s a lamp! #IssaLamp So, cute.

Project 62 Blue Chair

I’m in love with this chair! There, I said it and mean it. This square arm chair comes in 4 different colors, but this blue option is so pretty in person. Also, it’s super comfortable. I want it.

This gold elevated planter was another love at first sight item. Unfortunately, it wasn’t at my local Target to see in person, because I want to see how big it is person. It’s definitely on my must-have list.

I could go on and on about all the items I want from this line, but I have work to do. So, go check out the line for yourself at your local Target or browse the items online. Scroll to see some more selections.

Have you picked up anything from Target’s Project 52 line? If so, what? If you haven’t, what’s catching your eye?

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