Changeable Purse Straps

purse straps

Handbags accessories have been really big over the past year. They have become an easy way to accessorize and customize your purse and bags. First there were those colorful puffs, which I loved and still do. Afterwards, the addition of small coin purses that people attached to outside of their bag for easy access to common needs such as cards and cash became the hot trends. Now, the newest way to accessorize your bag and make it stand out even more is with interchangeable purse straps.

Yes, you can now buy individual purse straps to switch on and off your bags. Actually, some major luxury brands such as Fendi and Valentino have gotten on on this trend and offer some obvioulsy gorgeous purse straps that you can add to any bag of choice. It’s a simple way to revive an older bag or add some character to your simple everyday bag. I love options!

If you love the possibility to create countless other purses with the simple changing of a strap, here are few options for you to consider.

Interchangeable Purse Straps:

purse straps

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