Recent Beauty Finds I’ve Been Loving

For the past couple of months, I’ve been very good at not buying all the pretty things I want. However, we all have moments of weakness, but I just choose to document mine. So, here I am, sharing some recent beauty finds that I’ve been loving so hard!

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Want to know more about these beauty finds? Well, keep reading!

The scent of baby powder is something your really hate or really love – there tends to be no in-between. Personally, I love the scent of baby powder, but in subtle doses. During a recent trip to pick up some formula for my nephew, I spotted this Johnson’s Baby Powder soap. I’d never seen or heard that this existed, which means I had to buy it. Yeah, I’m not a baby, but I do want baby skin. So, I need to treat it like a baby, right? Anyway, although this does smell like baby powder, this scent is not too strong or overbearing. When you’re done and rinse it off your skin, it leaves a faint baby powder scent. If you want to smell like a freshly washed baby for the rest of the day, slather some baby lotion and/or baby oil to seal the deal.

Every fall/winter, I find myself with a new red lipstick and this year is no different. The Organic Skin Co. Lip Service lipstick in Ruby Red is so good! When I first saw it, I assumed that it would be too intense for my liking. However, when I gently applied it, it gave me a almost sheer flush of red. A red lipstick that is buildable is a must-have, because sometimes you just want a natural wash of red on your lips. Other times, you want the most intense red lips that will stick out like a perfect red apple. This Lip Service lipstick can be built up to the most perfect moody red or dabbed on to create the look of freshly bitten red lips.

One of the best things I’ve bought and fell in love with are Bliss That’s Incredi-Peel Glycolic Face Peel pads. Facial pads loaded with skin loving ingredients has been one of my latest obsessions. Although these weren’t the first facial pads I’ve tried, they have been the ones I’ve repeatedly bought. These pads are super simple to use. Wipe one pad on your washed and toned skin and proceed with the rest of your routine.

The amount of glycolic acid in these pads aren’t super strong, but still be cautious about other active ingredients you use. If possible, you can alternate nights, but I use them every night. After the first use, the next morning I woke up to noticeably brighter and tighter skin. Not to mention, these are pretty affordable considering that 15 individually wrapped pads come in each box for $22.

I have an intense love for black liquid liner, but it can look a little too harsh. So, I’ve been wanting to try a brown liquid liner, which made me purchase NYX Midnight Chaos Dual-Ended Eyeliner in brown. However, it’s a dual-ended with matte brown liquid liner on one end and duo chrome topper on the other end. I definitely picked this up for the brown liner, but bought it for the intrigue of the chrome topper. The matte liquid liner is perfect on it’s on, but the chrome topper adds a line of edge.

Smashbox is know for making great primers. I’ve used the Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizing primer and it was pretty good. However, I couldn’t recall if I ever used the original Photo Finish primer, which made me give it a try. The hype is real and I think my oily skin prefers this one over the pore minimizing one. The texture is perfect; not too heavy or creamy. It gently glides on your skin and spackles any pores to give you flawless finish. No wonder this a cult fav for most beauty addicts.

Any recent beauty finds that you’ve been loving? Share below!

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