Reclaiming My Focus Now

I come to you this morning after a long weekend of me being sick with a will real nasty cold. I was hibernating in my house for over 72 hours with a stuffy head, congested chest, and fever that got up to 103 degrees. Scary. Thankfully, I was able to break the fever and I feel so much better, because Saturday was rough. However, during my downtime, I started thinking about things I enjoy. Actually, I was thinking about things in my life that makes me happy and things that I don’t enjoy. There are things that I need to omit from like so I can focus on things that are important to me. So, it’s time I start reclaiming my focus.

Reclaiming my focus

Since I try to declutter and edit my life frequently, I couldn’t think of many things in my life that I want to get “rid of”. However, there are some areas that I would like to give a tune up.

  1. My Home – For the past few months, I’ve been trying to give my home the basic blogger/ influencers look of all white everything. However, I realize that my life isn’t made for that life. I love flopping on my sofa with a cup of some random liquid and binging TV shows with my dogs sleep on the other end. So, the all white furniture is so unrealistic. Plus, I’m no longer into it. Therefore, that’s one less thing for me to subconsciously stress about. Now, I can think about adding more things that make me happy, such as big dark curtains and obnoxious large plants.
  2. My Faith – I should clarify this. My faith is strong! I have faith in everything. However, over the past couple of months, I haven’t been attending church regularly. I haven’t been able to fully serve, but that’s been due to conflict of schedules and life stuff. I’ve still faithfully tithe, but I need to start pouring myself back into church. I think me not doing that these past couple of months explains why I’ve been feeling a little uneasy and unsure about things.
  3. My Relationships – I value my friends and family, but I haven’t been able to be there for them as much as I would like. It’s been irking me, but I’ll handle it once I get back to 100%.
  4. My Site – As you evolve, everything attached to you evolves. I’ve been evolving like crazy, but I haven’t been allowing my site to evolve with me. Well, not as much as I would like for it to be evolving, but that is going to change. I’m not sure when or how. Will it be overnight or overtime? Not sure, but it I have to do it in order for to keep giving it attention and to flourish.

Have you lost focus on some things and think it’s time for a “reclaiming my focus” moment? Share below.

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