REVIEW: Cantu Dry Co-Wash Shampoo

cantu dry co-wash shampoo

Personally, I love dry shampoo, because it has helped me prolong hairstyles, tie me over until I can wash my hair, and added volume to dull hair. For those reason, dry shampoo is an ultimate lazy girl beauty product. However, it’s been hard finding a dry shampoo to use to refresh and revive my thick, naturally curly hair. Therefore, when stoked when I saw this Cantu Dry Co-Wash Shampoo.

As someone who switches between wearing my hair straightened and naturally curly, I’ve acquired multiple products for each style. I wish I could have a streamlined list of products I can use and enjoy no matter how I wear my hair. Unfortunately, those mythical products are hard to come across, but that doesn’t stop me from looking. This wishful looking is what led me to buy and try Cantu Dry Co-Wash Shampoo.

Unlike most dry shampoos, this is part dry shampoo and part conditioner. This dry co-wash is made with apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil to refresh your scalp and hair. Like most Cantu products, this is also formulated with shea butter, which helps to condition your hair. Plus, unlike most dry shampoos, this one doesn’t leave any white residue.

No matter if you are rocking a straight hair, curly hair, weaves, or extensions, this dry co-wash shampoo will work for you. You can find Cantu Dry Co-Wash shampoo at most retailers that carry Cantu products. including Target and Walmart.

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