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Since I got my ends trimmed and hair dyed to my natural dark brown a couple of months ago, I have been embracing and wearing my natural curls more. This also caused me to look into trying more products for curly hair, which lead me to stumble back into some of the products I used when I first went natural many years. One of the first products I tried that made me love my natural curls was Carol’s Daughter’s Hair Milk. Since I haven’t used it in years, I decided that I would revisit it while I’m all in love with my curls again.

A lot has changed over the years since I was first introduced to Carol’s Daughter products. One of the most noticeable things that has changed is the availability. Back in the day, we could only get CD products from 3 places; their online store, the brick and mortar store in NYC, and very small, dimly lit corners in select Macy’s locations. Now, today, you can get your favorite Carol’s Daughter products at most drugstores and big box stores like Target and Walmart at 3 am on a Sunday morning after a long night to make sure your hair looks great in 6 hours when church starts. I appreciate convenience.

carol's daughter hair milk bottles
Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk bottle designs over the years

The packaging for most CD products hasn’t changed that much. When I first started buying Carol’s Daughter products, they all came in clear plastic yellow bottle or jar with brown tops and brown labels. All the labels were the same and simple by listing only the product name, what the product did, how to use it, and the ingredients. The labeling packaging made the products look natural and homemade. However, like with most companies, growth caused the packaging to change overtime, including a cow print label for the Hair Milk collection. Cute and genius! Now, all of Carol’s Daughter’s packaging is the same, but uses a color system to differentiate the different collections.

Ah, the collections! Carol’s Daughter has multiple collections to meet almost any hair texture and it’s needs, which is great! Hair Milk used to be one of their products, but now it’s one of their collections that’s designed to help nourish and condition curly hair. So, what I used to know as “Hair Milk” is now called Hair Milk Original Leave-In Moisturizer. Just a few extra words I have to remember now.

Although there have been quite a few changes with the Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk, there are some things that are the same. One thing that hasn’t changed over the years is the price, which can also be a little questionable since it’s available at more places that are known for discounted prices. However, that’s for a think piece or Periscope rant that I’m not in the mood to deliver.

The other thing that hasn’t seem to change over the years, thankfully, is the formula for the Hair Milk. It’s still very creamy and has the soft sweet scent that makes me happy. What I love about Hair Milk is that even though it’s very light and creamy, it can moisturize the driest of tight curls and make them soft and more manageable.

While in this process of falling back in love with my curls and old products, I started experimenting with the L.O.C (leave-in moisturizer, oil to seal, and creme gel). I was having a hard time finding the right products for this process until I started using Hair Milk as the leave-in. Once I started doing that, my curls became soft, shiny, and bouncy; all the things I love when it comes my natural curls.

Although this leave-in is design for curly hair, I also use it to hydrate my hair while I air dry it before flatironing. It helps to condition my hair to prepare it for the heat and styling.

In the end, I’m very happy that I decided to try this again after so many years. I feel like I have an old BFF back in my life!



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