REVISITING: Revlon Colorstay Foundation

revlon colorstay foundation

I’m in the middle of declutter some spaces in my home, including my make-up area, which has gotten overwhelming. During the process, I decided to throw away all the foundations I haven’t and don’t plan to ever use again. Unfortunately, that only left me with an almost empty bottle of a foundation that is beginning to look a little too dark on me, because my summer tan is slowly leaving me. Therefore, I did decide to take this time to revisit a foundation from my past that I used and loved, but hadn’t used in years. I decided to revisit Revlon’s Colorstay Foundation in Combination/Oily, because you know, I have oily skin. After using this foundation for a couple of weeks now, I’ve noticed a couple of new things compared to when I originally used this as my everyday foundation years ago and decided to share. Gather around!

When Revlon first released this foundation many years ago, it became an instant favorite in the beauty world. Beauty bloggers, vloggers, and everyday make-up lovers all seemed to love the formula, which was very similar to M.A.C Studio Fix liquid foundation. Both foundations provided a natural semi matte coverage that was not too matte and not too dewy. From what I can remember, when this foundation first debut, it was only available in one formula and in a small selection of shades. Eventually, Revlon released a formula for combination/ oily skin (my formula) and focused the original formula to normal/dry skin, which made the beauty world so much happier. However, most people were pretty unanimous about 2 things that they didn’t like about this foundation; the paint smell and the lack of a pump.

The smell of the paint didn’t bother me much back then, because I think I created an immune to make-up scents. Plus, after adding powders, bronzers, and setting spray over the foundation, the smell was pretty much covered. I’m very glad the scent never bothered me much, because the paint scent is still there. Actually, it’s more noticeable to me now than back then. Still, I’m able to deal with it. I’m a trooper!

The other issue that people had at the time with the Colorstay foundation was the lack of a pump, because the M.A.C foundation had the option to buy and add a pump to their foundation. People appreciate a foundation that has a pump, because it allows you to control how much product you dispense/ not waste and also prevent it from oxidizing fast in the bottle. As soon as air hits foundation, it starts oxidizing and getting darker. I guess Revlon took that complaint into mind and decided to have the foundation come with a pump. I was so stoked to find this out! I’m not sure how long ago that the pump was added since some online retailer still show the pumpless, original bottle, the addition of the pump has definitely made using this foundation much easier.

When Revlon Colorstay foundation first came out, the shade offerings were very commendable for that time. Revlon offered this foundation in multiple shades; from light to dark. Although there’s still room for more darker shades and different undertones, the selection of colors is still better than other drugstore foundations out there. Yet, they still need to accommodate darker tones.

In the end, I’m very happy that I decided to revisit Revlon’s ColorStay foundation after so many years, because the formula, application, and coverage are still amazing and now I can control it more, now that it comes with a pump. I think this foundation is my new everyday foundation. YES!

Revlon’s ColorStay foundation is available at most drugstores and retailers, such as Target and Walmart.



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