Personal Rules for Makeup Wipes

Like most makeup wearers, I worshiped makeup wipe removers. So much so, being able to buy them in bulk made me renew my Sam’s Club card one year. However, my love for them faded the more I learned about the cons of using them. Like with most bad habits, I started to use them again, but with rules. Yes, I created some rules for makeup wipes.

Rules for Makeup Wipes | STAINED COUTURE

Interested in what these rules are? Well, keep reading, sis!

My Rules for Makeup Wipes: #1

The first thing I do is NEVER use makeup wipes to solely remove my makeup. Instead, I use them as final check to make sure me and my double cleansing method removed all my makeup. Usually, it shows that me, my cleansing oil, and whatever final cleanser I felt that my skin needed that night got the job done.

My Rules for Makeup Wipes: #2

If I must use as makeup wipe in a clutch moment, I soak it with micellar water first. Doing this adds extra moisture and extra cleansing power, which also means less scrubbing. FYI – you should never scrub your face, because the skin your face is not as thick as other parts of your body. It was hard for me to give up some of my favorite

Plus, the environment alone puts your skin through enough. So, treat your skin delicately, which can be hard to do when your scrubbing at it with a thick and not moist enough makeup wipe remover.

My Rules for Makeup Wipes: #3

Finally, I always try not to use them. That’s why I always try to make sure that I thoroughly cleanse my face and with the right products. Having a quality cleansing routine with the right products will make you realize that you don’t really need to use them and/or want to use them.

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