Sally To The Rescue

My nails. What a story. About 2 months ago, I started an affair with getting my nails done and when I say “done”, I mean going to the nail salon and having tips glued on and acrylic layered over that. It sounds worse when you type it out, but hey, my nails looked pretty. Let me take it back as to why I decided to start getting acrylics again.

I use to get acrylics once every 1-2 months or longer. You know…to give my nails time to rebuild, you can say. Well, I had noticed my nails were stronger than ever and decided that I could get those gaudy, but semi-amazing acrylics back-to-back. Yeah, not one of my better thought plans, but I did and I paid greatly for it in the form of thin and peeling nails.

Here’s the thing about peeling nails; nail polish doesn’t like them. So, they jump ship in the form of chipping and peeling off, themselves.

I was super annoyed and took my grievances to one of the only places that I know where I can get instant results…Twitter! Almost instantly, Felishe, who is a contributor for Concrete Loop, tweeted me back with her recommendation of Sally Hansen Vitamin E oil and Nail Hardener. I decided, why not, because Sally Hansen makes amazing nail treatments and I was already a fan of the nail hardener. So, on my way home on that cloudy day, I stopped my by Walgreens and grabbed these 2 little bottles. One of the best nail buys EVER!

Within a week I noticed my nails were stronger and my nail polish was no longer chipping instantly. So, if you are having some issues with weak and peeling nails, I have the products for you!

Stay Stylish!

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