What I Should’ve Invested For My First Place

When I first moved into my first place many years ago, I was more concerned on having my own place than I was about having stuff in it. From I recall, I think the only thing I had in my first apartment was my bed, which was super comfy. I think I also had an entertainment center that just gave my age away, because I don’t believe entertainment centers are still a thing. However, like most people, I slowly but surely added other pieces. Within the first 6 months, I got a small tan sofa/chaise hybrid, pub style dining room set, and other pieces. At the time, I thought it was smart to go with basic pieces in contemporary style, which I thought was my style. In hindsight, I was playing it safe for no reason and cringe at those choices.

What I Should've Invested In My First Place

Don’t get me wrong, I would get compliments on my space all the time, but probably due to it looking like a staged home. I guess all those Saturday morning watching HGTV paid off. Now that I’m older, I realize that I should have been investing staple pieces that I love and design around. So, keep reading to see what 3 items I should’ve invested in for my first place.

CB2 Decker Blue Velvet Sectional

Let’s start with the key piece for any home; a sofa. A sofa is the quintessential multi-tasking piece of furniture. You can sit on it to watch TV, socialize with friends/family, work on your laptop, or take the best nap of your life – and all on the same day. I wish would’ve thought about that before I settled on my first sofa that I got at an outlet. Instead, I would’ve probably splurged on nice sectional with clean lines, like this Decker blue velvet sectional from CB2. I have 2 shedding dogs, so I’m not sure if velvet would be ideal. Since I would’ve spent a nice amount of money, I would’ve protected this sectional like my life depended on it. Actually, I’m in the market for a new sofa. Hopefully, I will buy one by end of year and this one is my current fav.

I really wished I would’ve bought more artwork in my 20s, but it was just way to easy to fall into the decorative sections of Ross Dress for less to spend $20 on a set of 4 random pictures. However, if knew then what I know now, I would look for artwork that expressed my style. I would look for pieces that are collectable and I could pass down. I mean there are some pretty amazing artist out there, including some pretty amazing artists on Etsy.
Invested in My First Place | A Dining Room Table

One piece of furniture that I never gave much time thinking about is a dining room table. Actually, I still have the same pub style dining room table from my first place over 10 years ago. For the life of me, I can’t remember where I got it from. However, I do know that I’m ready to let it go and invest in a nice dining room table. Although I’ve mainly loved square tables, I feel that a round table would be more ideal for the long run. I’m sure a round table in a nice traditional color, but this marble top dining table with gold pedestal is everything.

I think investing in a dining room table is smarter than a dining room set.  Instead of buying an new set, you can switch out the chairs to refresh the look. The right set of chair can transform a room from mid-century to modern in a flash.

What is one thing that you would recommend someone invest in their First Place?

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