Showstopper Wrist Pouch

This is my new weekend BFF. Keep reading to find out more.

On the weekend, I usually transfer all my bare minimal necessities from by ridiculously large work week purse to a easy to grab clutch. That’s my Saturday morning routine. However, this weekend I gave the clutch a break and broke out this Showstopper wrist pouch.

The Showstopper is available in various patterns, materials, and styles. They feature to card slots, a compartment that hold most cell phones, and and an inside zipper for money or whatever you else you need.

I opted for the modern Showstopper in brown with gold hardware (you have the choice of gold or silver). I wanted one that was simple and I could wear practically with anything.

I’m actually pleasantly pleased with this! Its a nice thing to have in your closet for those days when you don’t want to even carry a clutch or things bulging your pockets (i.e club, parties, concerts, picnics, etc) This is perfect for going to gym or going walking/running!

When it comes to fashion accessories like this, I’m always hesitant, because I’m fearful of crappy craftsmanship. This is not the case for the Showstopper! The material is very durable, as well as the adjustable buckle strap. Your essential are very safe and secure in the pouch thanks to three tough snaps that require a little strength to close and open.

So, overall, I’m glad I now have this in my life!

Stay Stylish!

*I was sent this item for review, but this is my honest opinion!

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