Signet Rings: A Current Vibe

For the past few weeks, I’ve developed an intense and usual obsession with signet rings. They are chic, but with a touch of gaudy. They are versatile and can be worn formally or casually. Personally, I think everyone should be into signet rings.

Signet rings

Although you can wear a signet ring on any finger, I love them worn as pinky rings. I guess that’s another thing I love about them; that they work on every finger. Keep reading to see which signet ring may tickle your fancy.

Elizabeth and James Signet RIng

Let’s dive in with this simple signet ring from Elizabeth and James. The smooth top makes it possible to engrave, but I’m feeling the smooth plan top. Also, there are 2 clear stones on each side of the ring. You can never go wrong with a little sparkle.

Free People Signet Rings

Not sure what style or color signet you want? Well, Free People has quite a few signet ring options in a few style. They are $12 each, but you can 3 for $30. Can’t be a good deal. I might be a little too early to think about Christmas gifts, but these would make great gifts for your BFFs. I’m just saying.

Sarah Chloe monogrammed signet ring

I’m always down for a personalized piece of jewelry. This monogrammed initial signet ring from Sarah Chloe is a perfect piece to wear everyday. Classic!

Banana Republic Classic Signet Ring

This classic signet ring from Banana Republic is simple, but has a nice edge thanks to the hexagon-esque shape. BONUS: It’s currently on sale for less than $30!

Nisolo Signet Ring

Personal, I love rings that I wear all the time and never feel the need to take off. This Nisolo signet ring isn’t too big or glitzy. It’s subtle and the handmade details add some character to it. Loving this ring!

Are you feeling signet rings as much as I am?

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