Relax After A Long Week (Doesn’t Require Wine)

I’ve been counting down the days to Friday all week. When you have a 8-5 and a few side hustles, you look forward to those moments when you can indulge in absolutely nothing. Personally, I have a few simple ways to relax after a long week that don’t require wine.

Ways to relax after a long week

Keep reading to see my go-to, super easy ways to relax after a long week.

Relax After A Long Week: Masks on Masks

I was Walgreens yesterday and my favorite saleslady in the beauty department was trying to sell me a new face mask. I responded by informing her that I already have 30 million face masks at home. However, I still left with a new sheet mask, because I can never have too many face masks. On Friday nights, you will more than likely find me sitting on the sofa, sipping water while wearing a face mask and watching TV. I’ve also started to use Friday nights to deep condition my hair, too. So, my Friday nights consist of my head being slathered with various masks. I love it!

Relax After A Long Week: Face Massage

Recently, I rediscovered by love of nightly face massages and I’ve been doing them every night before bed. I pick one of my go-to face oils, rub some in my hands to warm it up, and massage it into my face and neck for 1-2 minutes. It feels so good and is so relaxing. I’m thinking about buying a jade roller to made this experience even more luxurious.

Relax After A Long Week: Warm Bubble Bath

For the most part, I’m a shower girl. However, when I want to really want to relax and rest my muscles, I run me a lovely warm bath complete with essential oils and bubbles. Currently, my favorite bubble bath maker is Lush’s Milky Bath bubble bar, because it smells so good and makes my skin feel baby soft. Afterward, I follow it up a body oil and forgot all about the hectic week I just survived.

How to unwind after a long week?

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