Skincare Mistakes I Make Regularly

I’m human, therefore, I’m not perfect. I’ve discussed the skincare mistakes that I’ve made over the years before. However, some of them I still do regularly and will probably keep doing over time.

Skincare Mistakes I Make Regularly

Keep reading to which skincare mistakes I make and why.


One of the first “no-no” rules of skincare we learn is to never use bar soap. However, after running out of cleanser one day, I had no other choice. I used the classic gold anti-bacterial Dial soap. Sure, this soap is super drying, but I think it truly helped my skin. At the time, my skin was acne prone and mostly oily. The soap was anti-bacterial, it helped clean out the gross stuff that causes breakouts due to my large pores. Also, anti-bacterial anything is very drying, which made this soap dry up a little of the oiliness. I only used this soap once a week or whenever I had a major breakout.

Many years have passed since I used this cleansing process and my skin has changed dramatically since. Although my pores are still large and in charge, my breakouts are far and few. Plus, my skin is aging, which also means drying. Therefore, I’ve rarely used Dial to wash my face in the past few years. Thankfully, there are other bar soaps out that are designed for washing your face, including bar soaps for acne and dry skin.


Since I spent the most of my teenage years and early 20s dealing with acne, I was a professional pimple popper. Like I mentioned, I rarely get breakouts now, but I occasionally get small whiteheads that I enjoy gently squeezing. It’s bad, I know, but I try to make sure that my skin is prepped for this. I prep it by placing a clean warm towel on the area first to loosen the pore and then I use an extraction tool to gently glide out the gook. Afterwards, I wash my face with a gentle cleanser and use a gentle toner such as witch hazel to soothe the area. In an ideal world, I would have an aestheticism do this, but I would have to schedule that ahead of time.


I don’t do this with a purpose, but on purpose due to laziness. There have been moments when I feel asleep on the sofa before bed and went straight to bed when I woke up even though I still had my makeup on. Also, there’ve been a few times that I got home really late and let the allure of my comfy bed distract me from washing my face.

I try to keep makeup wipes and micellar water on my bedside table for moments of laziness. However, makeup wipes don’t remove all the makeup and neither does the micellar water. If I do have an ounce of energy, I will add some micellar water to a wipe and give it ago at my face even though I know my skin would prefer it’s usual deep, double-cleansing nighttime routine. Yet, like I said, these moments are very far and few.

Do you have any skincare mistakes that you make on a regular?

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