S’MORES…than meets the eye


You’re very welcomed for that dorky play on words for the title, but it is very fitting for this story I’m about to tell.

Last week, I found out some very disturbing news. My sister has never had a S’more. Seriously. In her 20+ years on this earth, the closest thing she has come to a s’more pop tarts, which is completely unacceptable. So, I mad it my mini mission to find some recipes to try that play on the classic flavor and fun of s’mores without to much work. S’more should be made with ease and consumed to please.

So, here are new s’more recipes to add to your life.


I’m going to seriously regret coming across this S’more Dip recipe from Bakeaholic Mama , because it’s so easy to make and will lead me to whip this up at any moment. S’mores dip at 11pm? Possibly.


A S’mores pizza Heather’s French Press¬† is something that needs to stay a thing, because it’s genius. Graham cracker crust covered with melted milk chocolate, and sprinkled with marshmallows. Perfection. Added bonus for this recipe, just like with any other pizza, you can add other toppings. I’m wonder how I can incorporate a hint of mint. Hmm.


Want to up the ante with a S’more pie? Then check out this recipe from Tasty Kitchen. It looks so gooey and decadent.

Do you know another s’more recipe worth trying? Let me know below or @StainedCouture on all social media platforms.

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