So, maybe unicorns do exist!

Usually around this time of year, most fashionistas are looking to welcome spring by finding and carrying white and light colored bags. I’m usually one of those people, too. However, that’s not the case for me right now. Keep reading for more of my black bag babble.

For the past few weeks I have been looking for a new black everyday bag that was still spring without the needs for colorful accents. I was starting to believe that was some mythical idea that mind conjure up because unappealing fact that I was dealing with warm weather in January and cold weather in March. Straight up confusion for my closet and outfit ideas.

In the end, I want a cute spring worthy black bag and I was starting to give up hope that one exists, that is until I saw this unreachable to me black Nuage Bow Valentino tote.

The net texture of the bag paired with the big side bow and slouchy shape is what I look for in a spring bag,  but the black just makes it more everyday worthy. It’s so pretty.

However, with any Valentino bag, the price tag is a little too high for my reach. So, it won’t be making it’s way near me anytime soon. Still, it has given me a reassurance that there might, just might be a cute black spring bag out there for me!

Have you seen one that you think I might fancy? Then leave me a comment and link the comment section!

Stay Stylish!

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