Summer Bucket List 2017

The official first day of summer is less than a week away and I’m ready. Well, it’s already been too hot to tolerate, but I already knew this summer was going to be unbearable. Recently, I decided that I wanted to do some things this summer I’ve never done or haven’t done in ages. I mean, as much as I enjoy staying in the house watching Netflix while a rotating fan cools me off, it’s not living. Even though it’s going to be miserably hot, I want to live life more and create my solo summer plans.

summer bucket list

I’m approaching this list as my mini summer bucket list. Keep reading to see what I plan to try and do this summer.

One thing I definitely want to do this summer is get my hair braided. I haven’t had my hair braided in over 20 years, which the summer after 8th grade. I didn’t even keep them in for a whole month, because they were just too heavy. However, I’m stronger and wiser now. Getting my my braid will help save me time in the morning by not having to worry about this mop of curls on my head. Plus, they will help protect my hair during these dog days of summer heat.

The next thing I want to do this summer is read one book a week. At first, this sounded impossible in my head. However, if I put the remote down, grab a glass of water, and a book and get my read on. As you might know, I have plenty of books on my to-read list. So, I have plenty of options to accomplish this task.

Finally, one thing that I’ve been itching to do for the past few weeks is to take at least 2 solo mini road trips. I’ve taken a few road trips in my life, including ones with friends and family. However, the road trips I’ve enjoyed the most were the couple that I took myself. Driving on the highway with music playing on a mini adventure is so freeing and peaceful. It’s been a few years since I’ve taken a solo road trip, but I plan for that to end very soon. I’m just trying to figure out where to go. As of now, I’m leaning towards Nashville. Plenty of attractions, dining, and shopping.

Creating this list has really made me excited for summer, this year. So, bring it on! If you have any plans for the summer, please share them below.


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