Summer Goals 2018

Now that it’s officially summer, I guess this is the perfect time to share my summer goals. As usual, I only have a few things that I want to try to work on this summer.

Summer Goals 2018 | STAINED COUTURE

Although I feel like I can have a whole book full goals I want to accomplish this summer, I’m only going to focus on 3. Here they go!

Summer Goals 2018: Style Short Hair

This past Friday, I finally had my long awaited second process to make my hair lighter. Unfortunately, the color didn’t take correctly to the bottom portion of my hair, because I’d been dying it jet black for a couple of years. Sidenote: Never dye your hair jet black, because it’s hard to revert lighter.

Not only did the bottom section not take well, I was overdue for a trim. So, my stylist cut a about 2 inches off my mid-back length tresses to a shoulder length bob. Since I’ve never been one to frown at having to cut my hair, I was cool with the decision. However, now I have to learn how to deal with and style shorter hair. This has been a little challenging for me. Not only that, the effects of wearing my hair half up has caused some damage to my the hair on my crown area. So, no more elastic hair ties for awhile. Le’ struggle is real. Plus, I now have to start looking for a purple shampoos and conditioners for blonde hair. I found a bottle of ion Cool Blonde conditioner in the back of my beauty closet, which will do for now.

Summer Goals 2018: Strengthen Mental Health

Like I mentioned, I just got back from my staycation and my main takeaway was that I need to unplug more. In case you didn’t notice, I hardly posted in Instagram, my Twitter posts were mostly retweets, and it was legit ghost town over here on SC. Instead of wandering aimlessly around social media, I used most of my time last week to volunteer at my church’s youth conference, which was amazing. When I wasn’t serving at the conference, I was straight relaxing. I did some light reading, had some impromptu meals with friends, and rekindled my love of mid-day, mid-week naps. In the end, coming back to work after 9 days didn’t feel that dreadful and I my mind feels revived and clear.

So, this summer, I plan to take more moments of rest and relaxation. I will also pay more attention to mind and body for signs that it needs a reset.

Summer Goals 2018: More Meatless Meals

Speaking of my body, I’m a little ashamed to admit that I didn’t adhere to my plans to fast off of meat last week. One of my proudest moments was bypassing a row of food trucks selling various delicious meat options. I was doing great until Wednesday a.k.a Wings Wednesday and my brother surprisingly bought me some lemon pepper wings. After that, I can’t recall a day after that where I didn’t have some form of meat. Unfortunately, I felt crappy afterwards.

So, this summer, I plan to look to more meatless meal options and who knows. Maybe there will come a point in my life when I will have more meatless days than meaty days. One can wonder.

What are some of your summer goals for this year? Share below!

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