Summer Shower Essentials

I try to use clean and natural products as much as possible. Other than using natural deodorants, this can be kind of hard. However, I recently started using a plant-based body wash from Schmidt’s in jasmine tea. It’s a very mild scent, which is why I love it. In past years, I leaned more towards fruity scents in the summer. However, this year I’m all about light and calming scents.

Well, almost all about light scents, because I can’t give up the fragrant aroma of Tree Hut’s Sugar Scrub in Moroccan Rose. Ugh! This stuff smells so good and leaves my skin super soft and smooth. Plus, a faint hint lingers on the skin for awhile.

In the summer, one step I add to my shower routine is a feminine wash. The humid summer heat adds some extra sweat to all areas of your body – even the southern regions. My feminine wash of choice is Summer’s Eve Fragrance-Free Cleansing Wash, because I want to keep my PH balance in check.

My final step in my shower routine happens immediately after the shower in the form of a sesame scented body oil. The Neutrogena Body Oil is the original, but the Target version works and smells just the same. The only difference is the couple of extra bucks you save.

What’s your favorite summer shower essentials? Share below.

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