Sunscreen for Brown Skin Without Looking Ashy

I have to admit that it’s very upsetting that some of my fellow women of color still don’t use sunscreen. Although skin cancer is more prevalent in Caucasians, the sun is unbiased when it comes to damaging skin. Sunscreen for brown skin is very important.

sunscreen for brown skin

For the most part, most people of color either think they don’t need sunscreen, which is untrue. Then there are those who don’t wear sunscreen, because it created a white hue that makes them look “ashy”, which is never cute. Luckily, this is no longer an issue. There are sunscreens on the market that protect you from the sun with a the white residue. I have round up some sunscreen options that will work for brown skin tones.

unsun sunscreen for brown skin

I recently tried this UNSUN sunscreen from a friend, because I left mine at home and I was instanlty in love with it. UNSUN SPF 30 is a tinted mineral sunscreen that’s free of harmful ingredients like parabens and formaldehyde releasers. However, it also contains ingredients that darker skin loves, such as shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin e. The mineral tint helps the sunscreen to blend in to all skin tones; no matter how light or dark.

One sunscreen that I have been anxiously waiting to drop is Bolden SPF 30 Brightening Moisturizer. I live for a goof moisturizer that contains SPF, because it’s the ultimate lazy girl beauty hack. Since Bolden specializes in skincare for brown skin, I know this is going to be worth the wait. Why isn’t it available,yet?! Hopefully, it will be available soon so I can try it and their Butter Mint Shea oil. Sounds amazing, right?!

Finally, I have to recommend Glossier’s Invisible Shield sunscreen. I finally order it a couple of weeks ago and it definitely lived up to it’s name. It almost immediately melts away into your skin and doesn’t leave a hint of white residue. The only downside to this SPF is that doesn’t work well with my foundation and the ingredients aren’t natural. So, I mainly use this on no-makeup days. It’s still really good.

If you know of any sunscreens that are brown skin-friendly, share them below.

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