Sweat-Proof Makeup Routine

This weather has been unbearable, but it has allowed me to discover that sweat-proof makeup exists. Yes – it’s true!

Sweat-Proof Makeup for Hot Weather | STAINED COUTURE

For most of makeup buying life, I didn’t think that sweat-proof makeup existed. I assumed that the only way to make sure that your makeup didn’t shift in and off was with face primers. Now, I don’t even have to wear face primer AT ALL.

Recently, I started using Dermaflage products, which are all waterproof. First, I start with their Mineral Foundation, which also contains SPF. Usually, I’m not into powder foundation, because it doesn’t really provide much coverage. So, I had a few drops of Liquify to quickly turn it into a full-coverage liquid foundation. The foundation begins to set pretty quickly – so I have to buff in pretty quick. However, the coverage is amazing.

Since it’s been too hot to do a full FULL face of makeup, I keep it simple as possible. One way I keep it simple is with my brows and only use my Benefit Brow gel. It makes my brows look full and natural, which is the goal. When I have the time, I clean shape them up with the Dermaflage concealer. My brows don’t even attempt to move when I shape them with this concealer – with or without a pencil.

During my last trip to Sephora, I decided to cash in some of my points to test out the Hourglass Caution mascara. Ya’ll – this mascara is the TRUTH! Not only does it make my lashes look long and natural, but it doesn’t smear or flake all day. Hence, I can only fully remove this mascara with an oil cleanser. I’m buying this mascara as soon as I run out of this sample.

I’ve been living in lip tints all summer, because they last longer and look more natural. Plus, if I want to add a little more jazz, I can top it with a gloss or lip oil. I’m always down for a bright pink lip tint.

Do you have a good sweat-proof makeup product? Share below!

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