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Fashionistas On Film: Blossom Russo


If you follow me on Twitter, you would know that I recently found out the Hub Network airs reruns of Blossom. This news completely halted me from participating in and saving to my DVR this past week, because Blossom was everything to the pre-teen me. Before Moesha and right after Clarissa Explains It All, there was Blossom.


The basics: Blossom Russo, played by Mayim Bialik was an average, yet quirky, happy, and talented teen growing up in California living with her musician father and her 2 older brothers; the cute, but not too bright Joey(Joey Lawrence) and the recovering drug addict Anthony. She was the solo female presence in the house, because her absent singer mom who busy traveling the world after she divorced her dad, Nick. However, like all TV teens, she had a sidekick/best friend named Six and she was this small, cute, and speak talking spitfire. I love her, too!

Blossom had all the cute clothes, book smarts, cute boyfriend (eventually), and there was even a Blossom doll. Yes, homegirl had her own doll and I had one. It didn’t look too  much like her, but still great!


Before this past week, I hadn’t seen an episode of Blossom in almost 20 years, so at times, it feels like I’m watching these episode for the first time all over again. Plus, the timing couldn’t be better, because the 90s fashions in each episode are so on trend with today’s current trends.  A few years ago, Refinery 29 did an interview with the costume designer behind Blossom, Sherry Thompson, and it brought back so many memories, because that influenced so many girls to embrace different fashion choices and created so many trends. So much so, there were even Blossom fashion clubs. Awesome!

I really wish a lot of her outfits were well documented online, but maybe they will now that its reairing! Wishful thinking, maybe.

Do you remember Blossom or remember watching any episodes? Do you h ave a favorite episode? I haven’t watched it in so long, but the Rockumentary episode came on earlier this week and it is still a favorite!

Stay Stylish!

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