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Blue Stripes Are My Current Jam

Every now and then, I go through phases in various parts of my life. For example, a few weeks ago, I went through a phase when I ate onion rings almost everyday. Currently, I’m exiting my black coffee and almond with a dash of cinnamon phase. I’ve also gone through bright lipstick phases and the overgrown eyebrows phase, but I might bringing those back for the summer. Another phase I might be going through this summer is the need to buy and wear nautical blue stripes.

blue stripes summer 2017

My blue stripe phase wasn’t planned, but it’s happening. In the past couple of months, I’ve bought 2 different shirts with 2 different sizes of blue stripes. Also, I’m tracking a skirt with nautical blue stripes on it’s way to my doorstep as I type. Therefore, I’m in this phase and I’m still interested in adding to it. Keep reading to see what other striped items are perfect for my latest phase.

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