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I need more cardigans!


I do, I really do! A couple years ago(whenever Gossip Girl premiered), when preppy was the way to look, I had a gaggle of cardigans in various colors and styles. However, I just took a cardigan inventory in my closet this weekend and was shocked to find I only had 3 cardigans (a black, white, and light teal one with antique lace trim and pearl buttons). How the hell did that happen and why isn’t Old Navy offering their cardigans for $5 this week, because their Christmas sales have been rocking my frugalista-esque mind!

Anyway, like usual when I notice I’m low on something, I start to look and conquer more. So, needless to say, I spent most of my online time this weekend looking for more cardigans. One that really caught my eye was this Marc by Marc Jacobs Maxine Sweater. Isn’t adorable with its plaid ruffle around the waist and chic rib action. I will admit that my waist and I laughed at the thought of me adding a plaid ruffle around my already holiday expanding waist, but still…isn’t it adorable!

Stay Stylish!

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