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Adult Activity Books

adult activity books

Getting into a creative or productivity slump is horrible. When I feel uninspired, unproductive, or even just plain out bored there are number of things that I usually do. However, one new thing that I’ve been doing is buying and using activity workbooks.

Now, I know you might be thinking about the those activity books from your childhood that included¬† activities such as quick mazes and color-by-number. Weren’t those awesome?! My parents would buy those for me way before a regular coloring book, because activity books seemed “smarter” than regular coloring books. I guess that’s kind of true, because they guided me to think more and look outside the box. Fortunately, I get the same inspiration from the adult version of one my childhood staples.

Keep reading to see some of my current favorite adult activity books for creatives.


1 page at a time adult activity books

1 Page @ A Time – I’ve mentioned this book before and I still reach for it whenever I hit a creative stump, writer’s block or just plain bored. It still lives on my desk at work.


Wreck This Journal – I used to always see this book when wondering around Target and recently decided to buy it with the other cart full of stuff I didn’t plan on buying. However, this book is so ridiculous, random, fun, and interesting. I keep this book on my coffee table and although it’s intended to be a “personal” journal, I insist on guests flipping through it to find something to do. My sister tends to do the destructive ones. Eh.


The Art of Getting Started – This is the latest book added to my workspace. It’s filled with thought provoking, inspirational, and witty activities that forces you to think outside of the your normal box, which helps strengthen your creativity. It’s a great book to reach for when you feel uninspired and unproductive.


Finish This Book – From the same author of Wreck This Journal, this book is an collaborative effort for you to, as the title suggests, finish this book. You are called to research and write the content to complete the story in the book. The perfect prescription for writer’s block.

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