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The Best Sunscreens According to Me

I hope y’all know that you’re supposed to wear sunscreen everyday. Please say you know that even if hot or cold and sunny or rainy – you need sunscreen. I still get annoyed that I spent the first half of my life overlooking sunscreen. I seriously used to spend hours on hours outside with no sunscreen. The fact that I still have skin and no skin cancer is proof that my God is an awesome God.However, now that I know better, I’m a huge advocate for sunscreen. There have been times when I forgot to apply sunscreen and went a bought a new one. I have at least 3 different sunscreens at home. Not to mention, I keep that thang in my car  next to my hand sanitizer. When it comes to sunscreen, I don’t play! Now look at me,  I have a list of my personal best sunscreens.

Best Sunscreens According to Me | STAINED COUTURE

Honestly, using sunscreen religiously and everyday is the best skincare product and tip you need. However, if you’re still trying to find the best sunscreen for you, keep reading to see my top 5 at the moment.

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