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Loft Space Essentials

As a little girl, I dreamed about moving to a big city, working in a fabulous creative career, and returning every night to posh studio apartment. Well, that dream deferred a long time ago. However, later this year, I might be moving and I’m thinking about moving into a studio or loft space. Since it’s just me, why not try to live out part of my childhood dream. Plus, I would love to decorate a loft to create a live and work space that’s Pinterest worthy. First things first, what are major loft space essentials that I would need.

loft space essentials

Although the list could be long, I think I have an idea on the basics I would want and need. Keep reading to see the list.

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WEEKEND AT HOME: Functional Furniture for Small Spaces


I’ve lived in my fair share of small spaces. So, I know first hand how difficult it can be to pick, find, and buy the right functional furniture to accommodate your needs without making your home feel cluttered, stuffed, and lacking room to move, especially when you like to have guests over to entertain.

So, here are a few pieces and tips to help you design and add some functionality to your small space and friendly for entertaining.

  • Shelf Folding Bookcase – A folding bookcase, like this Linon Dolce Folding Bookshelf from Target, has large larges shelves which are perfect for displaying large books, pictures, and figurines. Also, this bookshelf easily folds down for compact storage and moving around for more room for entertaining.
  • Nesting Tables – I love nesting tables! Nesting tables are like the Russian dolls of furniture. They fit perfectly in small spaces and nest smaller tables, usually underneath the larger version. In case you need every table space for company, crafts, of work, you have the ability to accommodate yours and others’ need for more table room. Personally, I love this nesting coffee table from Pottery Barn. A coffee table with the option for end tables or extra space for guests.
  • Storage Ottoman – Storage ottoman’s offer not only extra storage, but style and seating. When it comes to ottomans, I always say you should find one that has a nice design aesthetic, such as this tufted and footed ottoman from Wayfield.
  • Sturdy TV Stand – Despite your lack of space, you do need at least “heavy” piece of furniture and I usually like to focus on a sturdy TV stand with plenty of hidden storage for DVD and equipment. Clean lines and minimal, but distinguished details are always great, just like Fung TV stand from Pier 1.

Stay Stylish!

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The Convert Vase


When it comes to home decor, I’m a sucker for conversation pieces, details, and functional vases and these Convert vases contains all of those characteristics.

The Convert Vase, which was inspired London’s diverse architecture, are a trio of architecturally inspired geometric vessels, each vase is constructed from a single sheet of stainless steel.

The sheet is folded and shaped by hand to create the cylindrical structure. The steel has a semi-matte finish with patterns embossed into the surface to create a soft tactile aesthetic from an otherwise hard industrial material. Clever locking and folding techniques are to form each sheet of steel into shape without using adhesives or soldering. This carefully engineered process creates a hand crafted design that is lightweight yet robust in structure.


The vases comes in small, medium and large and each vase comes with a waterproof container inside and packed in a sturdy presentation box, which would make it a great gift!


I would love all three and I already have the perfect place for them in my house! These are just SO COOL! To order your own, visit www.another-studio.com.

Stay Stylish!

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