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Lace Bralettes All Summer ’18

It’s barely summer and it’s already been unbearably hot. So much so, it’s been too hot for me to care about physical insecurities. I’m so sorry, but ya’ll are going to have to see all of my big, jiggly limbs and other extremities. Not sorry at all! Well, for the most part, I’m going to try and avoid having to be out in the heat at all cost. However, for those days when I have to – jiggle, jiggle. One fashion that I’m rocking with this summer are lace bralettes.

Lace Bralettes | STAINED COUTURE

When I first saw lace bralettes popping up last summer all on the IG models in my fee, I couldn’t imagine ever buying or wearing one. However, knowing that there are more options. even for us “upper heavy weight” chicks, I decided to buy one. All it took me was one hot day to realize that lace bralettes were going to be one of my waves for Summer 2018. Not sure if you should hop on this wave, too? Well, I have a few reasons you might want to reconsider.

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