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Every Other Day Skincare Products

I’m always down for finding ways to tweak everyday routines, which includes skincare routines. Usually, when I find a routine that works, I stick to it everyday. However, every now and I then I run across products that I love, but not ideal to use every day. There are some products that you only need to use every other day; every other day skincare products.

Every Other Day Skincare Products | STAINED COUTURE

Recently, I’ve added three new products to my skincare routine, but only need to use them every other day. In a matter of a few weeks, these products have helped my skin look smoother, brighter, and down right magical. Keep reading to see these life and skin saviors.

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BRAND LOVE: Mario Badescu Skincare


In case you might have missed the memo, here and oh, yeah, here, too, I’m a huge fan of Mario Badescu toners. The are gentle (the ones I’ve used, at least) and so effective.

However, it’s not just the toners from Mario Badescu that own a piece of my heart, but there are quite a few products that just…do it for me and my skin. So, check out this list of my favorite Mario Badescu skincare products that I love and swear by.

  • Special Cucumber Lotion – There are a couple of variations of this formula, but this is my fav. It’s perfect for oily/combo skin, but gentle and non-drying, which is the problem with most toners aimed for oily skin. I love this stuff so much, that I’m going to start buying it bulk.
  • Enzyme Cleansing Gel -This cleanser removes all the make-up and oil, which melts in my skin throughout a long work day. Although it leaves the skin squeaky clean it doesn’t strip my skin of moisture.
  • Buffering Lotion – Cystic acne are the devil and nobody can tell me different and this is the only product that I’ve found and used that gets rid of them. I literally can dab this on a “devil”; once in the morning and at night and it will be gone within a day. This stuff is the real deal and worth all my money, if needed.
  • Drying Mask – When I get an acne breakout, which I count as having more than 2-3 pimples on my face, I use this mask and pretty much dries up that “situation” withing a day or two and you just can’t beat that time table.
  • Peptide Renewal Cream – I will admit that I only introduced myself to this cream a couple of months ago. but the results have been so amazing it jumped over plenty of other loved products to jump in my personal top five. This cream has really helped firm and smooth my skin.
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