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Unique Night Lights


Nights were once used to help small children fall asleep and without having the “boogeyman” sneak up on them while they are in bed and parents to safely go check on their babies without disturbing their sleep by turning on a bright light.

When I was younger, I shared a bedroom with my brother who “needed” a night light on in order to go to sleep, which was usually some cartoon mostly aimed and favorited toward boys. I vaguely remember falling asleep with a soft light coming from one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles plugged into one of our bedroom walls.

Eventually, we got our own rooms (Yes!) and my brother stopped requesting night lights all together. However, now that I’m older and a little smarter, I come to recognize that adults could benefit from night lights, too. Who wants to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and stub their toe, because they can’t see where they are going? This may or may not have happened to me recently after moving my bedroom around a few hours before and forgot. Like I said, may or may not.

Added safety and navigation aside, a soft and subtle light in the background as you fall asleep can be very soothing and appreciated.

Here are some more mature and unique night lights for us adults and still appropriate for kids.


I love the simplicity and fun feel of this owl night light. Plus, the modern design helps easily blend into your living space for an extra touch of decor. You can never go wrong with a laser cut design of an owl…in my opinion.


Looking for a traditional nightlight without the kiddie vibes? You might be interested in this moon night light, which is very simple and very cool the same time. It looks like it can be very entrancing.


As a pseudo-minimalist, I love when convenience, function, and design collide to create something awesome. Case in point, the book rest lamp provides a soft light to read, but also doubles as a book rest to help you never lose your page. Here is where design and creativity enters. When you place your open book on top of the lamp, it creates the look of a house! So cute!


If you are a fellow fan (read: obsessed) and avid watcher of Shark Tank on ABC, then you might remember the Lumio. It was one of those inventions that was so unique and amazing that almost all the sharks wanted a piece even with the high price investment request. In case you aren’t familiar, Lumio lamp is a portable, multi-functional lamp that conceals itself in the form of a hard-cover book and opens to 360 degrees. Not only is it functional and convenient, but so cool. It comes in various sizes, including one that’s small enough to fit in your back pocket. I want Santa to bring me one this year.


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