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Printed Sweaters I’m Pondering

It’s been consistently chilly these past week, finally! This weekend, while watching/listening to documentaries on Netflix, I decided to pull out the rest of my sweaters from the top shelf in my closet. While ankle deep in my sweaters, I realized that they were all solid colors. I wasn’t too shocked, since most of my clothes are solid colors. However, for the past few months, I’ve been trying to test out the world of prints. After wearing a few printed dresses recently, I like them a little more every time. Therefore, I feel I need to added some printed sweaters to the mix.

Printed Sweaters Stained Couture

Since this is still a new aesthetic to my basic life, I’m not sure where to start when prints on sweaters. Last night, during commercial breaks during The Walking Dead, I found a few sweaters with prints that didn’t make me question who I was becoming. If you’re interested to see what printed sweaters made me smile while watching “walkers” get killed, keep reading.

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