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A Zest for Life with Rachel Roy

When it comes to my fashion preference right now and things I’m wanting to buy, I will admit that I am in full on bright and neon mode (you’ll be able to tell by posts in the very near future). However, there comes a time when something so soft and just down right too pretty to not stop and stare and ponder buying crosses your path. This just happened to me when I saw these silk twill pastel yellow cropped pants by Rachel Roy.

Although they come in the safe color of navy, the zest yellow pair look so lust-worthy to the point that I’m actually considering going to the gym tonight just so that I can fit these properly. Uber perfection.

Stay Stylish!

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RACHEL Rachel Roy Transformers 2

Remember last year when I loved Rachel Rachel Roy’s Transfourmer Jacket that was 4 looks in 1? Well, she just released her latest Transformer jacket AND transformer dress! Yippee!

The jacket is a crinkle motorcross jacket that can be worn as a jacket or vest. Although this jacket doesn’t have as many looks as it’s predecessor, I still love the potential looks I could build around it this fall and winter.

The Hulk dress is also convertible in the same way, which let’s you wear the dress with or without sleeves! I love the print and since you can wear it sleeveless, you might be able to wear this dress all year. *fashion fist pump*

Also, check out the Rachel Roy’s Facebook page and vote for would you rather have a date night or girl’s night. My vote? I want some time with the BF, so I want a date night! What’s yours?

Stay Stylish!

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Skortin’ Around

When I was junior high, skorts were all the rage. They were usually just shorts with a big ol’ flap of fabric covering the front. It looked like a skirt in a front, but you could tell they were shorts in the back. As horrible as it sounds in my head as I type the description, I still was all about skorts!

However, like most things, they faded out and have now been slowly trickling back into the fashion limelight. Unlike the skorts that haunt my junior high memories along with Victoria Secret pear scent lotion and Vanilla Fields perfume, the newer skorts are more sophisticated and look more like skirts than a bad fashion hybrid gone terribly wrong.

So, here are a few skorts that I wouldn’t mine introducing to my life and closet! Keep reading for the details!

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