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Best Drugstore Sheet Masks You Can Buy

Whenever I’ve had a long and/or bad day, I have a routine that instantly makes me forget about. Said routine usually consists of a watching true crime TV while sipping wine and noshing on wasabi peas with a random sheet mask on my face. As much as I would like to stop using sheet masks, they are just so good for me. I love and embrace any beauty product that can work it’s magic on me with little to no assistance from me. Impulse buying sheet masks, especially drugstore sheet masks. I bulk buy them and hoard them for those days when I feel like only a sheet mask will do.

Best Drugstore Sheet Masks | STAINED COUTURE


Needless to say, I’ve tried a quite a few sheet masks in my life and most of them this past year. In order for this obsession to not be completely done in vain and vanity, I decided to share some of my favorite sheet masks. However, not just any sheet masks, my favorite drugstore sheet masks. Yaasss, I’m about to serve some frugal face sheet mask options!

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