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How To Take Care Of Your Sweaters


This weekend alone, despite the rainy and humid weather, I pinned, bookmarked, and contemplated buying a gaggle of sweaters. It seems like every other year, I’m into a different style of sweater. Last year, I was all about cardigans; boyfriend, cropped, swing, fitted, etc.. The year before that, I was into chunky and cable-knit sweaters.

This year, I’m not 100% but, I’m leaning more to longer tunic style sweaters that can be paired with leggings, tights, and skinny jeans. The verdict is still out. However, in the meantime, I’m starting to pull out my sweaters from yesteryear in preparation for those cool fall days. I love sweaters and always make sure I take good care of them so I can wear them year after year.

Here are some valuable tips to take of your sweaters:

  • Fold. Never Hang. – Don’t ever hang your sweaters because hanging sweaters will out stretch and mishape them.
  • Repair Them Immediately – If you notice a missing button or small hole, replace the button and/or repair the hole as soon as possible. If not, the hole may get bigger.
  • Hand Wash – Unless the instructions tell you to do so, never machine wash a sweater. Wool sweaters should always be washed by hand with gentle soap and rinsed with lukewarm water. Also, try not to wring dry your sweater. Instead, opt to let it drip dry or roll excess water off in a towel. Just like with hanging, wringing can cause it to lose its shape.

I hope these tips help you for when its finally time to indulge in warming up in one of your favorite sweaters.

Stay Stylish!

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Chloe’ Oversized Sweater


I’m freezing!

Yes, Mother Nature has  decided to drop some cold days on us here in Memphis and I finally got around to wearing my new coat yesterday. I’m not sure if this is the beginning of the cold weather or if this is just a taste, but I’m stoked for the comfy clothes weather. One item that I can’t do without is a nice oversized sweater to cuddle up with on the end of my sofa and indulge in watching ‘Love Jones’ and Lifetime movies until I’m forced to do something not as equally relaxing.

When I saw this Chloe’ cardigan, I instantly fell in love and wanted one so bad! Oh, it hurts just thinking about this cardigan and all its hotness(literally and figuratively). It also hurts me, because I use to have a oversize cardigan in this color years ago that I would walk around the house while home for winter break. Yeah, I got called “Big Bird” despite being only 5’5 and “The Sun” which was more appropriate thanks to my round shape due to my festive eating, but I didn’t care. That sweater made me happy and warm and I wish I knew what happened to it, especially since this Chloe’ cardigan is $1,180 and will probably never see the inside of my closet. Well, if I hit the lottery or find a bag a money, that prediction could change. However, until then, I guess I can dream about this one while trying to re-track my steps to find my “Big Bird” cardigan.

Stay Stylish!

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