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Shoes From Zara That I Want Right Now

One of the things I do when I’m bored is browse shoes from Zara. Zara shoes are breath-taking for multiple reasons. The main reason I love them is because they are unique, well-designed, and affordable AF! If those aren’t good enough reasons, I don’t know what to tell you.

shoes from zara I want 04 2017

At most times, there are usually 10-15 different shoes on Zara’s website that I stalk. Unfortunately, when me and my budget decide it’s the perfect time to buy, my size is usually sold out. Once your size is sold out on Zara, it’s safe to assume you won’t be buying that shoe anytime soon. Although I might be shooting myself in the foot, I decided to share the shoes from Zara that I’m currently crushing on that are still available in my size. Ugh.

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Nude Moment


Nude, tan, light brown, or dark beige. Whatever you call it, it’s having a fall fashion worthy moment. Its such a classic and demure neutral that I’m all over. While in Paris for Paris Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian was giving me so much life with all her nude moments. So, it might be time to start adding some nude/ tan pieces into our fall wardrobes.


Stay Stylish!

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Lust-Have List: AUGUST 2012

I can’t wait for fall to arrive! I’m over the constant and unwanted sweating just to walk to my car. Not to mention the instant burn I feel when I touch my steering wheel or accidentally touch the metal part of the seat belt buckle (ouch!).

Although we have more than a while to wait for fall to begin, let alone the cool weather that arrive with it, I couldn’t help but lusting over some fall friendly pieces for August. So, here are some of the things I’m lusting for this hot and muggy month of August.

  1. French Connection Colorblock Silk Dress, $218, Nordstrom – Is colorblocking going to go out of “style” any time soon? I don’t know, but while it’s till popping, I’m all over it! This silk dress looks super chic,comfy, and down-right fabulous!
  2. Infinity Knot Gold Necklace, $29, Wanderlust+Co. – Ya’ll already know I’m a sucker for a dainty necklace to wear all the time. So, I’m swooning hardcore over this infinity knot necklace. It’s very sleek and elegant. It’s simple just a nice everday staple necklace….and I want it!
  3. Dorset Tote, $239, Eva Hanusova – I can’t tell you how I’ve been on a mission to find a clean, simple brown tote with no embellishment or even hardware, but with some ruggedness to it. Lo an behold, I think I’ve found it in this tote by Eva Hanusova. I can’t over how I’m in love with the classic simplicity of this cow-hide bag. It’s also available in tan and wine, which is a deep blood red. Lovely!
  4. Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Serum, $55, Macy’s – Another Origins anti-aging product? Yep. I’m all in on Origins products, especially their skincare aimed at anti-aging. I was actually going to but this last week, but digressed on some other Origins products. However, I have a feeling that I’m going to get this product soon enough!
  5. Leopard Print Wedge, $159, Zara – Leopard print sky high wedges from Zara? Yep, don’t mind, if I do! I mean, these are just down right closet necessities to me, right now. It’s almost embarrassing to think that I don’t have these already! I have a feeling these are going to move into my closet sometime soon.

There you have it, the list of things I’m lusting for this month. Hmm, I wonder what some of ya’ll are itching to buy this month. Can you share? I promise, I won’t bite your style, I mean unless it just sounds to amazingly fabulous to NOT get. All is fair in love…and fashion!

Stay Stylish!

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TREND WATCH: High and Low Shirts

Although the high and low trend has been all over skirts and dresses this season, the style trend is beginning to show up on shirts, too!

So, here are a couple of instances where the latest trend is popping up…and down the hem.


  1. Splendid Ruched Back Shirt, $29, Net-A-Porter
  2. Amanda Uprichard Morgan Hi Lo Silk Top, $167, Piperlime
  3. Racerback Drop Hem Tee, $64, TopShop
  4. Young, Fabulous, and Broke James Top, $145, Piperlime
  5. Rag & Bone Adeline Color-block chiffon top, $255, Net-A-Porter
  6. Special Edition T-Shirt, $19.90, Zara

Stay Stylish!

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Wow, it’s June. I’m already over graduations, weddings, and baby showers. Although my sister is due July 2nd, I have a feeling that my little booger of a new nephew, Ethan, will make his arrival before June is over and I can’t wait to greet my first nephew! *doing the cabbage patch in my computer chair*

So, although I’m a little late with the list of things I’m lusting for in June, it’s better late than never. Let’s roll that beautiful lust-list now!

  1. Special Edition T-Shirt, $19.90, Zara – It’s t-shirt season and the lighter the better, beit color and/or weight. I’m loving this tee from Zara. Actually, I’m loving everything about this tee, from the casual chicness, the light neon hue, and especially the high/low style that’s everywhere on dresses and skirts.
  2. ROSEGOLD Pana T-Strap Sandal, $158, ShopBop.com – Will there every be a season in which I don’t fawn over a cork shoe? While I wait and ponder the answer to that question, take a look at this wonderful at this cork covered sandal. The great thing about cork shoes is that they can go with so many things, because of their natural and neutral color. Possibilities are endless, my loves!
  3. Ojan Rare Blend Oil Total Hair Therapy, $35, Sephora – My hair routine is 2weeks curly and then one week straight. This has been helping my hair get stronger WHILE keep getting my natural curl pattern back after some unfortunate and unwanted heat damage. However, with curls comes dryness and oils have been my best friend in this routine of mine. I would love to try out this Ojan hair oil. I’ve tried one in the past and it was amazing, because it provided moisture and lovely light scent. It would be nice to have a soft, moistured, and bouncy tresses with a hint of a tropical breeze.
  4. Biennial Handbag, $348, J. Crew – A classic handbag with multiple color options can be hard to come by, but leave it to J. Crew to make that search a little easier with their Biennial bag. The bag is a pebble leather bag with a simple silhouette, but has multiple sleek compartments. It’s work week and weekend friendly!
  5. Sunglasses Case, $75, Rebecca Minkoff – Currently, I have 3 different pair of sunglasses swimming around in my purse all wishing that their owner would buy them a new pouch to protect them from the number of things that could scratch up their shiny exterior. I’m sure they would love to sleep in this case from Rebecca Minkoff. Although Minkoff is more known for her lovely bags, see makes and offers some cute and fun small leather goods, including the this case. Although it’s only available in nude and yellow, I wish and hope she’s planning to introduce some more colors that could work with the bright colors of summer.

Stay Stylish!

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