Tipsy Thursday is dedicated to sharing a cocktail recipe for all of us 21+ to enjoy. This week cocktail is Punta Cana


Although the first day of Fall is this weekend, I’m not sure if I’m ready to give up all the great stuff from summer. One thing I’m still leaning on are fruity, tropical drinks that remind me of  a tropical getaway. One drink that screams “You should be on a beach sipping me!” is the Punta Cana cocktail. Punta Cana is named after a popular resort town in the Dominican Republic.  Made with rum, passion fruit juice, and lemon juice; the Punta Cana is the tropical getaway we all deserve in the form of a drink. All I want to do is lay on a beach, curly hair in the breeze, and sipping on this drink right about now.

Keep reading to see how to makes this easy drink and enjoy it while welcoming in fall on Saturday.

Punta Cana:

Mix all the ingredients together serve over ice. Also, this might also work as a blended drink. Just pour all the ingredients into a blended with a handful of ice and blend, baby, blend!

What your favorite tropical drink that you can drink all year?

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