TREND WATCH: Clear Purses and Bags

One of my favorite bags I’ve ever owned is a clear tote bag that I got from Baker Shoes back when I was in the 9th grade. It was just a simple clear final tote; no zippers, closures, or details. Despite the fact that it was so basic, I got so many compliments on it. I got that bag back in the spring of 1996 and 22 years later, clear purses and bags are back.

Clear Purses & Bags for Fall | STAINED COUTURE

I recently fell down a rabbit hole of scouting possible purse contenders for fall. However, I couldn’t get over all the clear and semi-clear purse options out there. Also, they will be clutch for football season, since you have to have clear bags when entering stadiums. Now I’m wondering should I get a clear bag for fall. We’ll see, but check out some of my favorite clear bags as I try to remember what happened to my clear tote from 22 years ago.

Zara Studded Clear Crossbody | Clear Purse and Bags

Zara has so many cute clear and vinyls purses, including this studded vinyl crossbody bag. Although I’m not usually into studded accessories, I like this one. Probably, because the studs don’t overwhelm the look of the bag. Plus, it adds some edge to it.

MANGO clear shopepr tote | Clear Purses and Bags

One something a little more simple and sleek? This clear shopper tote from Mango is pretty nice option. It’s not too noticeable and you can fold it down to create a large clutch look. Unfortunately, it’s not available online yet, but hopefully it will be soon.

Not into everyone being able to see the business going on in your purse? Thankfully, there are tinted vinyl bags, such as this clear black vinyl mini city bag from Zara. I still appreciate a good mini bag for everyday use. The clear black vinyl gives it a smokey grey look that will look great for fall and winter.

UO Clear Mini Backpack in Brown | Clear Purses and Bags

Another bag that’s a little more discrete and private is this clear mini backpack in brown. It almost give off a tortoise vibe and the contrasting white straps are cool.

UO Clear Mini Lady Tote in Pink | Clear Purses and Bags

I’ve been looking for a clear pink vinyl purse that’s roomy and simple, but I’ve been coming up short. However, this mini lady clear tote bag in pink is a smaller version of what I’ve been envisioning. I have to admit that this bag is super cute, but too small for me.

UPDATE: I think I remember what happened to my tote. I lent it to a neighbor, but she moved away before I could get it back. Hmm…I wonder did she planned that? I guess I’ll never know.

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