TREND WATCH: Pinky Rings

pinky rings

I’m not into rings as much as I used to be. When I do wear one, I usually wear it on my ring finger (duh!), index finger, or my middle finger. However, I haven’t worn a ring on my pinky since the 90s when gold rings on a every finger was the ultimate status symbol in school. Therefore, I haven’t worn a pinky ring in almost 20 years, but that might change soon.

I’m noticing that pinky rings are starting to become “a thing” again and I’ve been tempted to embrace it. The first image that may pop in your mind is a big, gold gaudy piece of jewelry that your favorite rapper wears on their pinky. Thankfully, the current wave of pinky rings are more on the small and dainty side, which I’m all about.

Actually, all those midi rings you bought a couple of years can be worn as a pinky ring. If you can’t find your midi ring stash, here are some perfect pinky rings to get into.

TREND WATCH: Pinky Rings

pinky rings options

Shashi Chain Midi Pinky RingTiny Baguette Ring“Pinky Swear” Pinky RingOval Opal Pinky RingItty Bitty Babe Ring

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