Tweaks I’ve Made To Increase Productivity

We all have and will reach a time when we reach a state where it feels like we’re not progressing. Thankfully, there is a instant cure to this feeling; makes some changes. A couple of months ago, I felt like I plateaued in my daily life, which is normal. I was just cruising through life, but not progressing. Also, I realized that this was causing my daily productivity to decrease. So, after realizing that this was happening, I decided to make some minor changes and tweaks in my life to increase productivity in my life. Although some of the changes were small, the payoff has been huge.

to increase productivity

Maybe you’ve reached a point ion your life where you feel like you’ve hit a bump in the road. If so, check out these small tweaks that I recently made in my life that has caused my productivity to go through the roof. This is just an example of how small tweaks can make big changes.

To Increase Productivity: Started Making Coffee At Home

Did you chuckle when you read that? Well, I chuckled when I typed it. I almost passed out when I realized that this basic morning activity increased my productivity. For years, I used to thrive and enjoy making coffee runs on my way to work. While waiting almost for almost 20 minutes to get to the window to pay for my overpriced coffee, I would “use” this time to scroll through social media and blog emails. However, I realized that I was actually wasting time and money.

Once I started making¬† my coffee everyday at home, I can get ready for work while it’s brewing and use the time to travel to work to clear my mind for the work day. Also, not stopping for coffee on the way to work minimized my chances of being late for work. FYI, I hate being late for work; even being 2 minutes late flares up my anxiety.

To Increase Productivity: Stopped Micromanaging My Work Day

A couple of years ago, I thought I was doing something by planning out my work and designating what to do for each hour. It was great for awhile, but eventually it caused my task completion ratio to decline. My method was to delegate certain tasks for certain times of day. For example, I would schedule myself to check and respond to emails from 8-8:30 am or daily blog work from 8:30-10am.

However, a couple of months ago, I realized that this method was no longer working for me. So, I decided to throw all the “time delegations” out the window and do a basic daily to-do list. I still highlight the top priority tasks and completed tasks. Now, I just force myself to work on certain things at certain times of the day. Also, I still tackle emails the first and last 30 minutes of my work days, because it’s still effective.

To Increase Productivity: Started Working Out

Ya girl finally joined a gym and although it hasn’t been that long since I joined, I already know it’s the best decision I could make. For now, I only go a couple of times a week, but once my calendar calms down, I will increase it. Plus, it’s curbed down on my need to go and “buy something” mood. Instead, i just go to the gym.

What are some things that you do to help increase your productivity? Share below!

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