How I Use Facial Sprays in My Skincare Routine

If you’ve followed this blog or me on Instagram, then you would have some sort of knowledge of my love of facial water, especially my Mario Badescu facial spray with rosewater. I initially introduced my skin to facial sprays to refresh my skin during the day. However, they became a game changer when I discovered that there are many uses for facial sprays. Those newfound uses made me realize that facial sprays were here to stay in my life.

uses of facial sprays

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve become very obsessed and interested with the concept of washing my face. I’m sure this initially seems odd when we’ve been washing our faces for decades. However, I pondered “Was I washing my face correctly?” and that led me down a rabbit hole of articles and videos about the process of washing your face. One video I ran across was How To Clean Your Face on Into The Gloss. In the video, NYC facialist, Isabelle Bellis, prepped her skin with facial spray water before washing her face. I was instantly intrigued and had to try it for myself.

Bellis used the thermal spring water to soften her skin before applying her cleanser and again after rinsing and drying her face. Personally, I’ve been using my Evian Mineral Facial Spray on my skin before washing my face in the morning. After spraying it, I gently pat it on my skin, which helps to soften and awaken my skin. This also helps to prep your skin for your facial cleanser. After washing my face with the cleanser, I spray on my Mario Badescu Facial Spray to help soothe and tone my skin. I pat this on my skin and let it dry before applying my serum and moisturizer.

I’ve only been doing this process for the past week, but just the addition of these 2 small steps has helped my skin beam, with or without make-up. Aside from helping moisturizer and soothe your skin, you can also use your facial spray to set your makeup or refresh your face during the day. I got through bottles of Mario Badescu facial spray in the summertime. I use to cool my face during the day, but also revive my natural curls.

Hopefully, you already have a facial spray your your skincare arsenal. If not or if you’re looking a different to try, check out this favorites.

Facial Sprays to Try

facial sprays to try

Caudalie Grape WaterAvene Thermal Spring WaterFarmacy Skin Dew Hydrating EssenceClinique Moisture Surge Face SprayLa Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water 


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