Using Gauze in Skincare Routine

In the beauty and skincare world, there’s always a new wave of trends and techniques. For the most, they are just things that people and “beauty gurus” create to go viral. FYI, those people can go jump of a counter in Macy’s. However, some of these techniques are actually beneficial and ultimate game changers. One such technique that learned about and can’t not do is replacing cotton balls and pads with medical gauze in skincare routine.

Using Gauze in Skincare Routine

Well, maybe this isn’t new, but using gauze to apply skincare products isn’t new to some. However, after personally switching out cotton for gauze in my skincare routine, I think not enough people know how awesome it is. Interested in learning more; keep reading.

When approaching skincare, I’ve always been told to and approached my skin with the utmost gentleness. That’s one of the reason I stopped using that iconic Apricot scrub, because the grains was shown to be harsh. So, what’s more gentle to use than a cotton ball or pad? So, when I first heard about using gauze in my skincare, I instantly cringed, because gauze feels too rough and tough for my skin. However, unless you’re using a dry gauze, gauze covered in product can be just as gentle as cotton round, but way more effective. Not to mention, gauze doesn’t leave any small pieces of cotton on your face.

Thankfully, you can buy medical gauze at most drugstores and big box retailers. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor or friend who works in a medical setting for spare gauze, because who doesn’t love having a “hook-up” on things?

Using Gauze in Skincare Routine: Remove Makeup

When I first added gauze to my skincare routine, I used it exclusively to apply toner. More on that later. However, one day I decided to soak one up with micellar water to help remove my makeup. It was magical! The gauze helped to gently remove my makeup and even removed that pesky liquid lipstick. Being more effective in removing makeup helped ease the actual process of cleansing my face. However, I must note, I still use cotton rounds to remove my eye makeup. Let’s not get crazy; be kind to your eyes.

Using Gauze in Skincare Routine: Cleanse skin

For the most part, I use gentle cleanser,which are best applied my massaging on the skin. Now, instead of my hands, I apply my cleanser with a gauze. After squirting a nice amount of my gentle cleanser du jour on a gauze pad, I use said pad to rub the cleanser on my face. Aside from it just feeling awesomely soothing, it helps lift any remaining debris off my face with some gentle exfoliation. A love a good multi-purpose anything!

Using Gauze in Skincare Routine: Apply treatments

Initially, I planned to use gauze to apply my toner, because I heard that helped increase the product going into your skin. Cotton tends to absorb some of the product, whereas the product rests on the gauze. So, you get more product on your skin a.k.a wasting less product. I pat, not rub, the toner soaked gauze all over skin. Patting toner and serums is also a good way to get the most out of your skincare. I’ve also started using the small gauze to apply my serums and spot treatments, because why not.

Have you used gauze in your skincare routine? If so, share below!

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