Valet Mirrors To Save Time and Space

As a struggling minimalist, I always get a warm and exciting feeling when I stumble across multipurpose item. Case in point; valet mirrors. Valet mirrors are my new obsession and finding the perfect one for me is my new goal. A valet mirror is a simple piece of furniture that doubles as a mirror and mini catchall for things such as your jacket, keys, spare change, or other things that may reside in your pockets.

Valet Mirrors

After weeks of bookmarking every valet mirror I stumbled upon, I finally dwindled the list down to only a few.

Urban Outfitter Noreen Valet mirror

I’m feeling the minimalist vibe of this Noreen Valet Storage mirror from Urban Outfitters. The simple efficient hook to hang clothing and the small shelf for all of the pocket knickknacks. Also, it’s compact enough to almost any small livable space.

Valet Mirror Maker's Eye

Unlike most valets, this one spotted at Maker’s Eye has a full length mirror with the valet storage in the back with drawers. Shook! Plus, the craftsmanship, if that’s your thing, looks amazing.

A charming valet mirror can be a little hard to come by. However, this elegant valet mirror from At West End is not only charming, but has some rustic and romantic vibes, as well.

Would you consider adding valet mirrors into your space?

*main image source: twentytwentyone

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